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3 Games To Play When You’re Bored At Home

Being bored at home is the worst. Even before quarantine, I loved playing board games with my friends and family. They're a great way to spend time, can lead to some friendly competition, and make funny memories! Here are some games that will keep you and your company entertained (and they're replayable too)!


Rummikub is a two to four player tile game. It is easy to learn and highly addictive- when you finish one game you want to keep playing! Match the tiles by color, number, or ascending/descending order. First to get rid of all their tiles wins!


Good, classic Clue. This murder mystery board game has been around for years. While the original version features icons like Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett, the game has been redesigned PLENTY of times. Newer versions of the game are themed to shows and movies such as Harry PotterThe Office, and Rick and Morty. While each of the games shares the basic layout, each version is slightly different. Go grab a version of the classic board game that interests you and go solve that mystery!


Okay, this is definitely a niche game. Horrified came be played by oneself, but it's best to grab some friends and defeat these monsters together! The monsters in the board game are based off of the classic Universal Monsters. Each game is played different because YOU decide which monsters to take down. If you don't mind playing for a while and multitasking (while also defeating the monsters, you need to safely bring the civilians back home!), then this is the perfect game to play as Halloween creeps around the corner.

Emma is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media. She is from Miami and loves entertainment (music, tv shows, movies) and hopes to become an entertainment reporter after college. She is also involved on campus in her Panhellenic Council organization.
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