3 Essential Steps to Dorm Decorganizing

Dorming can be difficult, here’s how I survived my first year as an on campus living student while still keeping up with my personal space. 


Start from the inside out:

The most essential item you will organize in your dorm, will be your closet. Although many choose to keep their closet hidden and shut behind door, the best way to keep yourself organized is to make it look like decor rather than storage. First things first, clean it out! Use the 3 month rule so that any item that has not been used in the past three months should be sent to a storage or donated. Don’t think you can bear the thought of parting with these items? Wrong! Throw it all on the floor and don’t let them back into the closet unless you last remember wearing it.  These unused items are simply not in season or part of your needs. So, they are just taking up your space and limiting your styling as a dorm owner. 


See & reach:

Waking up for those 7 am classes can be a hassle already, as it is so, making sure your dorm space is equipped to make your morning routine the most accessible is a necessity.

  • You want to start by arranging items by color and shape; this will minimize the time which you spend rummaging through your clothes, jewelry, or shoes.​

Please note: huggable hangers are your BFFs.

  • You can pile matching garments together in order to save space and time.
  • Try unconventional ways for storage such as under bed storage. This is great for t-shirts and jeans that can be rolled up and stored in bins, go with patterned cloth bins to dress up even the tiniest details of your dorm!
  • nvest in a bar stool that can be used as a phone charging station, hold a candle, or even a place to sit when applying your makeup. Ikea has some great items to incorporate decor with storage like their “Billy bookcase” which can be used to display shoes, jewelry, frames, etc. in a chic manner. 


How to NOT share with your dorm-mates:

For many of you, it might be the first time sharing this much space with a perfect stranger, but not to worry there are ways to remain sane!

Find yourself a bathroom tote to keep belongings like razors, shaving cream, shampoo, toothbrush, shower cap, etc. you get the idea. You can keep this tiny tote tucked right under your bed and take all you needs on the go when you head into the powder room. Another tip I recommend, is to assign a fridge shelf to each of your dorm-mates. This will allow for you to comfortably, and without confusion, store all your groceries. If you’re anything like me, then you will not be able to efficiently get through your day without a cup of coffee or tea in your early morning. That’s why I recommend in investing in a Keurig or an electric kettle. This can be kept inside your room in a narrow night stand or even on your kitchen counter; depending on what is most comfortable for you. This will not only save you time in the morning, but also money throughout your semester here at FIU.