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21 reasons why going Greek is one of the only good decisions you’ll make in college:


The second any girl joins a sorority, she is bombarded with questions from her GDI friends and family. They will ask her if she might be in a cult, if she is paying for friends, and that if greek life is similar to what is depicted in the movies. Shockingly, there is way more to life as a sorority girl than what Elle Woods shows us in Legally Blonde. Anyone who has been or is affiliated in a greek organization can say, that out of all the poor decisions people make in college, going greek wasn’t one of them. Here are 21 reasons why:


1. Bid day = the best day

There is no better feeling in this world than running home and being tackled by girls who don't know you, and already love you 


2. Then big and little week comes around …

The anticipation and anxiety that come along with each clue you receive throughout B&L are quickly put to rest the second you run into your big's arms 


3. Your big becomes your best friend

 From driving you around parking garages for hours till you remember where you parked, to helping you with your math homework. Your big will be that one person that will never let you down 


4. Your fam tree become your number one fans 

Your family tree will be there to cheer you up through your boy troubles, cheer you on through involvements, and will always make sure to comment on your Instagram pictures. 



There is always someone in another fraternity or sorority that is your ggg big's sib's little, and that somehow connects back to you. 


6. Countless of hot frat guys at your disposal 

Need a date for Crush party? Formal? Date Dash? Just check the server! Your sisters will be posting pics of Greek life's most eligible bachelors. 


7. Involvement opportunities land at your feet 

Whether it's through your own chapter, or around campus, there's always a sister looking for sisters to get involved! 


 8. Your pledge sisters are practically your soul sisters 

After new member retreat, the bond shared by your pledge class is unbreakable and the respect you grow for each pledge sister only gets stronger with time.  


9. Older sisters have taken classes you are taking 

Struggling with Bio? No prob!! There's always a sister willing to share her notes with you. 


10. Cute shirts, for every occasion 

If there's an event, there's a cute shirt that comes along with it! 


11. Instagram time to likes ratio is always on point 

After bid day, every single sister follows you on Instagram, meaning 200 extra likes per picture


12. Always have someone to eat lunch with 

You never have to be that person, sitting alone in a full restaurant 


13.  Never have to face anything alone 

Whatever hardships life may through at you, there will always be sisters that have your back. 


14. Philanthropy becomes your middle name 

PC love is the real deal when it comes to philanthropy. 


15. Recruitment makes you realize how amazing every greek organization is

Everyone may find their home in a different place, but it doesn't take away from the fact that each organization loves their sisterhood and loves what they stand for. 


16. Retreats in the middle of nowhere teach you to appreciate city life 

Sharing a gross tiny bathroom with 60 girls makes you reconsider arguing with your sibling about taking too long in the bathroom for all these years    


17. Meeting GPA is motivation to keep your grades up 

After all, who wants to be THAT girl who missed out on all of the fun cause of slacking off during the semester? 


18. All of your sisters are great photographers 

Candids become second nature to you, bad pictures of you no longer exists because you are just so good at being candid.  


19. Weekends never suck

There’s always either a philanthropy event, chapter, or some kind of social gathering going on.


20. Nothing more fun than greek life lingo

GDI, TSM, TFM, PNM,NM, you grow to learn that acronyms work for almost everything.


21.You fall deeply in love with your sorority and every single sister in there every single day

That one is pretty self explanatory, seeing the amazing things the girls in your chapter do, and the love that we share makes you remember why you joined in the first place. 

2017 FIU Her Campus president 
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