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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Going back on my Article “Tips Every College Freshman Should Know” I mentioned how important it is for us college students to get involved in campus, no matter what school year you are GET INVOLVED. Great thing at FIU is that there is plenty of room and organizations all around for you to get started. Being active in your campus is a great way to build up your professional skills, while participating in this you grow up leadership skills, communication skills, and teamwork which prepares you for jobs and internships.

It can be time consuming, yes. But is it worth it? Absolutely

Even if you are learning a new language, get into a club, as far as I know FIU language programs offer clubs. In my case, this was my way of for the first time getting involved in campus and I met plenty of interesting, beautiful people which was at my Chinese Club offered by the Asian Studies Program, where I got to once a week practice my language, interact with others and we even shared some quality time in our free times, all of this NO COST, we even started a new club with my friends there, a Surfing Club, which if you would be interested you can join it on FIU.

And that is one of the things I love the most at FIU, there is plenty of organizations, and if there’s not one you can make one and add that on your resume. But it’s not all about just filling your resume, it’s about doing something and really making your name a memorable time in your college years.

Here’s a list of organizations I would recommend you to join:

HerCampus FIU

Of course, sign up as a writer at Her Campus, it’s a small club but there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow as a writer

Greek Life

Get into Greek Life at FIU! It’s worth it, it’s awesome, it will keep you busy, you’ll meet nicest and coolest people in campus, and why not?

Model United Nations

If you are into Politics, World History, Diplomacy and you love to debate Model of United Nations is the perfect organization for you to join, ALSO we are #1 in America, so definitely join MUN!

Honors College

Honors College, this is also a great organization in our campus, you get big networking opportunities, you get selected for special programs and this opens you doors big time.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks it’s a great way to participate in service projects in communities in the country and also around the world. Especially if you love to travel, this is a great opportunity for you to meet people, make new friends, travel, maybe get a travel buddy, and best part is that you get to do some community service. It’s fun, you grow in and out, professionally and socially. My best advice would be, sign up!

You can find more organizations in panther connect, you are still on time and remember to always have fun! 



Lisy is a writer at Her Campus in FIU, where she creates content across Her Campus and Florida International University. She is currently a junior with a major on International Relations and a minor in Communications. Lisy currently lives in Miami, but her heart will always be in her home country Honduras; she is a proud Alpha Chi Omega sister, along with that she currently is Recruitment Director in Model of United Nations FIU. She loves cooking, traveling, and loves going to cute spots around town.