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10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You’re Stuck In The Rain With No Umbrella

If you’re anything like me, you live in Miami and are very much used to the constant weather changes, wet socks, and waking up to the sound of rain hitting your window and asking yourself “why?” You might have also pretended just for a second that you didn’t live in Miami, didn’t need an umbrella, and then you somehow ended up parking across campus on the rainiest day of the year and left not only your umbrella but your rain jacket at home. There are 10 thoughts that are sure to go through your head if you agreed with all statements that had to do with my rainy day struggles.


The first and most important thought that goes through my head is:

1.“Why didn’t I listen to my mother?”


This thought is always a hard one because she told you 100 times before leaving the house that Phil Ferro or Vivian Gonzalez from Channel 7 told her (personally, you know) that it would be raining by the time you got to school, but of course you didn’t listen.

Once you get off the car and realize it’s pouring rain, you come to the conclusion that you’re getting soaked walking to class and therefore, you WILL catch pneumonia entering the freezing classroom. Then you think:

2. Is this next class really important? How many absences do I have? Can I afford to miss this class?



So last night you were feeling inspired after reading an article on Cosmo and you pulled your hair iron out from the darkest corner of your drawer, cleaned off the cob webs, and put that baby to work. As the rain crashes on the pavement that memory creeps on through…

3. I just did my hair last night after refusing to touch it for over a month… amazing 


You then realize you must go to class because you’ve missed more than you can afford, you look around and just think… 

4. Maybe if I put my bag over my head and run it won’t be so bad 


but then you remember that you’re a klutz and you can’t even jog on the treadmill without embarrassing yourself, so you come to the realization that falling is a huge possibility and you ask yourself:

5. What if I fall?



but then you think, there must be a way I can become a secret agent, find a secret passage and beat the rain AND make it to class! So, you analyze.

6. Maybe I can find a secret passage way and not get soaked… but wait, I’m parked in pg5 and that requires me to wait at the crosswalk… awkward.


this is it, you give up and dive into the negativity.


7. I hate rain, I hate Miami, and I hate umbrellas.. Especially the one that I don’t have right now



and then some more negative thoughts as you throw shade on Miami weather.. but wait, you didn’t need shade– It’s raining and you need an umbrella! 


8. Why is it raining? The sun was out two seconds ago…


and the one that burns the most: Accepting that your mom is right and will always be right.

9. I really should have listened to my mother


Acceptance is the first step, my friends. Accept it. 


10. I guess, I’m making a run for it ….


If this is you and I described your crazy rainy day blues to the T just laugh it off, that’s what I do. 

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