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Wynwood, Miami, FL., has evolved throughout the year with the help of gentrification. House prices have skyrocketed, places have changed, local stores have up-ed their prices, and more high retail fashion stores are opening their stores in that area. The “Art District,” is known as the place to go if you want an insanely wicked photoshoot with your friends, the place to satisfy your aesthetic Instagram feed. It’s every artistic person’s haven.

However, most of the restaurants at Wynwood are very overpriced. Which is understandable if you want to get that whole hipster feel, if you want to go to a place where you get your money’s worth then I suggest not going just anywhere in Wynwood.  There is one restaurant in specific that most of my friends would tell me to go because they thought it was “amazing.” They would say the food is to die for, the ice cream they serve is “not like any ice cream you ever had before”, the ambiance of the place is “great”, and that there is a record store inside and you can take pictures there. 

You have probably seen the pictures of the place via your friends or the friend of a friend. Its the one where there is a red neon sign with a lucky cat on it. If not you can easily open up your Instagram and just type in “1-800-lucky.”

My experience at this restaurant was by far the worst. I will spare everyone the details but let me say that I felt robbed. The plate of noodles with two little slabs of meat, scallions, sprouts, an half-boiled egg, cabbage, and “nori” seaweed  was $20 per plate. Plus the drinks which are another side. I didn’t mind paying so much because it is my food. I spend more on other stuff so, paying this was not a whole dilemma. Now, if you’re someone who is trying to save money, by all means, stay away.

I have never eaten something like this, I am not a person who is a fan of noddles, the only thing I sometimes eat is Ramen noodles and that is it, but this was some fancy noodles. It was semi-appealing to the eye but it was not taken well with my stomach. The noodles were not cooked all the way, the egg didn’t look as if it was rightfully cooked, the soup was lukewarm, and the pork wasn’t scorching hot.  All in all, I should have taken the plate back, ask for them to give me another serving, or at least heat it up more, but I didn’t.

To say that it was packed would be an understatement. My friend and I went on a weekday right after our 12:15 p.m. class and yes, it was occupied by quite of few people, but it wasn’t as packed as during the weekends. There was no explanation as to why the food was lukewarm. 

Overall, the ambiance is great if you want to get that cute Instagram picture in your feed, but If you are someone with a budget then I suggest not going. At least go when you get that paycheck and can “TREAT YO SELF” just for the experience. After all, this is just my opinion on the restaurant I ate. You might disagree with me and say this whole article was blasphemous. To each their own right?

One thing for sure, you will never catch this girl dropping her bi-weekly paycheck there again. Maybe just to buy me some Vinyl but not for the food. 


Stephanie Almendares is currently a student at Florida International University majoring in Mass communication-Journalism while also getting a Film Certificate. She enjoys watching plays, reading books--some which she's already read more then 10 times-- and learning about crystals and astrology.
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