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Wondering which liquid eyeliner is right for you? Here’s a complete guide to the best of the best

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Eyeliner is no easy task and as someone who thought they’d never have hands steady enough to create a sharp, precise wing,after years of trial and error, I’ve rounded up the top-tier liners that I’ve found will help anyone get the job done in one quick flick!

#4-ONE/SIZE Point Made Waterproof Eyeliner

Absolutely stunning, I loved this one the second I put it on. With a fine tip brush and a pen-like shape, it’s such an easily, applicable liner. I recommend most for beginners or anyone who struggles with shaky hands like I did. Coming in at $19, it’s a good price for the quality and you’ll have perfect wings within seconds.

#3-NARS Climax Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

One thing that stands out about this liner is its color! NARS creates a gorgeous deep black shade that makes for the perfect bold look. Clocking in at $24, it is a bit on the pricey side, but this product has lasted me months and I can go a good 4-6 months without it drying up.

#2-MAKEUP FOR EVER Aqua Resist Graphic Pen

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge MAKEUP FOR EVER enthusiast. This company specializes in products specifically for makeup artists, so they’re made with a lot of precision and pigment. Just like NARS, this liner has a beautiful black color and stays unmoving during the day. Its fine brush tip makes it easy to apply and I still haven’t had to rebuy this product after having it for months! Though it is $24, it’s worth the price and I also recommend MAKEUP FOR EVER’s 24 HD Skin Longwear Foundation, as well as their lip liners, which are just as fabulous, trust me.

#1-NYX Epic Ink Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Coming in at first, NYX Epic Ink liner is by far the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. And for only $10 at Ulta, it’s super convenient for the girlies out there balling on a budget. The brush is incredibly thin, making it easy to outline your shape carefully and create a flawless winged look. Plus this liner doesn’t budge, it dries almost immediately upon application and stays that way until you remove it. From working out to pulling long hours at work, this liner will save you time, money, and energy!

Hi! I'm Ella and I'm an AMC major at FIT. Some of my favorite things to do include writing, film, makeup, traveling, and going to concerts.