Why You Should Be Pumped For Your First Internship

Having worked all throughout high school, I can attest that there is something different about working your first college internship. It is your first step into the real world and where you are exposed to everything you've dreamed of since a young age. This is when your dreams start to come true!

As soon as you step through the door the first day, you become part of a team, and more: a family. You are treated as an employee rather than a student, which brings a whole new level of respect. You will make lifelong friends with the other interns who are in the same boat as you! But most importantly, you will come across endless opportunities you had no idea  even existed.  

Coming into my first internship, I didn’t know what to expect. My boss took me under her wing, showed me the ropes, and built a foundation for me that will always be a part of my future. I was given so much freedom of creativity and my input was taken into account, but what was most import to me was that my opinions and thoughts were always valued and took into consideration and I was always believed in and uplifted by the people surrounding me.

I was given two major opportunities while interning that I still cherish. One of my standout moments was being able to attend the Sherri Hill Fashion Show, which was a dream come true. I was invited to watch the models get their hair and makeup done, watch the runway show, and attend the after party. I met Sherri, who was super nice, and I got to know the well known model, Halima - I even saw one of the Dance Moms backstage! Another highlight accomplishment from my internship was working directly with Burt's Bees on a lip collection inspired by New York Fashion Week and helping choose their color palette. Currently, it is starting to come to stores, and to see the finished product come to life is such a wonderful feeling!

Once I got comfortable, my internship began to feel like a home and I learned that this was the place I would always look back and remember where I once started. The work itself was enjoyable because I was there to do what I loved, but even so, I took this as a time to have fun as well as work. During my lunch breaks I would go out and explore the city (I became a regular at a local coffee shop) and so much more! My first internship will always have a special place in my heart, and so will the people that were alongside me.