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Why I’m Obsessed with The Cancelled Podcast

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Lately, it seems like everyone has a podcast, and there seems to be one that fits everyone’s interests and niche. Many of these are very hit or miss, however, two people who have created a hit are Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield. 

Tana Mongeau has been on the internet for a long time. After her first YouTube video in 2015, she quickly became popular for her storytelling videos, of some bizarre events she’s been through growing up in Las Vegas. The quality of her storytime YouTube videos, really makes her a good podcast host today. 

Brooke joined the LA scene in 2019, hoping to be an actress, however, her becoming friends with Tana would change her original plans. They started their podcast on a YouTube account that had previously been Tana’s old vlog channel. This was a smart move because this account already had thousands of fans. 

I’ve never missed an episode. Their personalities balance each other out so well. When I watch it truly feels like I’m on Facetime with my two friends. I feel like a lot of podcasts seem to have a script, or interview style to it. While there’s nothing wrong with this, what I loved about Canceled is the natural flow of the conversation. I love that with them no topic is off limits, and you can feel their genuinity through the screen.  

They talk about it all, from relationships, to beauty, food, friends. You name it, they’ve talked about it. I love this because no topic is off limits, and as someone who loves to give their opinion on everything, this is practically my dream job. What I love about this is that they’re no professionals in any field in particular, yet they’re professional at giving their unbias opinion. Sometimes this can be really thought-provoking because I start to think about things in a different light.

Recently Tana and Brooke finished the first leg of their live tour. The crowds are flooding with fan girls, like myself. The theaters fill themselves, eager with girls who want to know every detail about Tana and Brooke. It’s like catching up with old friends with the craziest story to tell you. The only difference is the live shows are completely unfiltered, with no cuts or bleeps, so the audience is getting the full drama and tea! 

Although they both say to take their advice with a grain of salt, I sometimes feel like they give off big sister energy. Whether that means viewing them as a role model or using them as an example of what not to do, everyone has a little Tana or Brooke inside them. I enjoy watching them lift each other up as they talk about their experiences from every part of life. It goes to show that no matter how big your following is, you’re still human and deal with situations that your audience does too. Although they live a very different life than a lot of their audience, their emotions can validate the emotions you might be feeling. Their conversations about relationships have taught me a lot about my own self-worth. I love the emphasis this podcast has on female friendships, because in every episode you can tell they stand by each other no matter what. This really shines through the screen and you can tell that these two have a genuine bond off the internet as well.

If you haven’t found a podcast that you love yet, I think this one is definitely worth giving it a try.

My name is Alexia V. I'm currently living in NYC as a sophomore at FIT! My interests include obviously. Other than that I'm a huge bookworm, I love art, movies, and shows especially older rom-coms and any movies from the early 2000s. In my free time, I enjoy scrolling on Pinterest, thrifting, and dancing around to music with my headphones on 24/7.