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Ten Steps to Having a Productive Sunday Reset

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

Sundays have gotten a lot of slack in the past for being the last day of the weekend leading to the inevitable work/school week and dreaded Mondays. While prepping for the week ahead is not always fun, it can help to eliminate some of those Sunday Scaries. Instead of wallowing in anxiety, use these Sunday resets tips to get yourself together in preparation for the week ahead! 

Step 1: remove pressure

A reset day is not a reset day if you are not taking care of your mind and body. You have the whole week for waking up at 7 am and working out/going to class and work. Taking a bit of pressure off of yourself and not setting high expectations for the day is something I have found really helps in having necessary reset days. 

Step 2: make the bed as soon as you get out of it

This tip is nothing new, but it can really help to set the tone for the morning. Even if you do nothing for the rest of the day, at least you made the bed!

Step 3: light candles and play some music to get ready

Nothing starts the day off better than setting the vibes with good music and some aromatherapy. Blast the tunes and light candles while you get ready! Mood = lifted.

Step 4: restock your fridge/go grocery shopping

Prepare for the week by organizing your fridge and restocking! Whether you meal plan or go with the flow, sometimes having your favorite snacks at home and some extra treats make the week more bearable. 

Step 5: deep clean

We are talking Lysol, Windex, Swiffer, Febreze, empty your garbage, dust, the whole nine yards. Cleaning isn’t always fun but it can be therapeutic AND will prep your space for the week coming. 

Step 7: journal and read 

Sometimes it can help to air out your anxieties and thoughts before the upcoming week. Even if it’s just on the notes app of your phone, simply putting it on paper (or screen) might lessen these stresses.

Step 8: go on a walk/move your body

Make some time during the day to get outside and move your body. If that’s going to the gym, great! If that’s going for a ten-minute walk around the block, perfect! Going outside and getting fresh air can do a world of good in clearing your head.

Step 9: plan your outfit for Monday 

If you are someone who winds up staring into the closet abyss for hours, no thoughts, head empty, prepping your outfit the night before will make your Monday mornings that much easier. 

Step 10: pop in a movie and make some popcorn 

On this reset day, it’s important to not only be nurturing your mind but you’re body as well. Popcorn, or any snack for that matter, and a movie is a combo that NEVER fails; so settle in and rewind before heading to bed.

Noelle is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying advertising and marketing. She loves all things pop-culture-related, exploring the city, trying new coffee shops, reading, and taking pictures for her Instagram @enchanted.elle where she shares styling videos and more.