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Sustainable and Ethical Brands We Should All Be Wearing Right Now

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a horrifying effect on the environment. Fast fashion brands have made it easy for consumers to find trendy pieces at affordable prices, but what many consumers don’t realize – or fail to react to – is how harmful fast fashion can be to our planet. Fashion needs to slow down. It is so important to keep ethics in mind when researching and shopping brands. Ethical practices in the fashion industry include topics such as safe working conditions, animal cruelty, child labor, fair wages, etc. Here are a few ethical and sustainable brands that we should be wearing:


Featherweight V-Neck Tee, PACT, $14, shop now

PACT uses certified organic cotton to make affordable staple pieces that will never go out of style such as t-shirts, leggings, hoodies and so much more. All while not using any toxic dyes or pesticides. 

People Tree

Judie Jumpsuit, People Tree, $195, shop now

Started in 1991, People Tree creates innovative and contemporary pieces all while keeping its environmental and ethical responsibilities in mind.  All products are made with natural materials and without any harmful chemicals.  


Fitted Turtleneck, Kotn, $38, shop now

Many large corporations have discontinued use to authentic Egyptian cotton due to cheaper alternatives, putting many Egyptian cotton growers out of business. Kotn works with these growers and employs locals in the production process of their pieces. Not to mention, the company is partnered with pro-literacy organizations to raise money to build schools in the area.  


Aria Ponte Midi Dress, Boden, $170, shop now

Catering most to those with a preppy style, Boden is a London-based brand that is committed to using sustainable cotton and fair trade materials. As an open and honest company, every six months an updated list of its suppliers is posted to their website. 

Whimsy and Row

Lola Wrap Dress, Whimsy and Row, $168, shop now

Whimsy and Row creates effortless pieces guaranteed to be some of your favorites. The brand uses deadstock fabric, or leftovers from other brands, to create its flirty and unique designs. The company is also committed to eliminating the unnecessary use of plastic bags in the delivery process by using clothing hangers instead.


Srey Crop Top, Tonlé, $94, shop now

Tonlé is a zero-waste company, meaning they use all of the materials they buy to make their products. They have even invented their own method to use tiny scrapes of fabrics and other materials to make their own recycled paper, which is used on their tags.  

Los Angeles Apparel

Long Sleeve Circle Mesh Dress, Los Angeles Apparel, $52, shop now

This California based brand is employee owned and focuses on creating simple pieces produced in the most environmentally friendly manner. They are committed to buying their materials from U.S. suppliers and using sustainable or recycled cotton. 

As much as we all love new, trendy clothes, we must take into account the environmental harm fast-fashion causes. It’s possible to be both fashionable and sustainable as long as you do your research and know where you’re shopping.

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Lindsey is studying Fashion Business Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her hobbies include spying on cute dogs, finding new ice cream places, and shopping. Follow her Instagram @lindseylabarbera
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