Shawn Mendes Is a Shining Beacon of Hope For Boys' Style Everywhere

Can we talk about Shawn Mendes for a minute? Not in terms of his Calvin Klein ads that broke the internet, but in terms of when he’s fully clothed. Not only can the guy seriously sing, he knows how to dress. Sure, he may have a team of stylists that help him get ready, but when you break it down, his looks are super simple to replicate.

Sometime you just wish the guys in your life would take a cue from Shawn and put a little more effort into their everyday outfits. While of course this isn’t the case for all guys - especially not the guys here at FIT - we all know that one whose endless rotation of sweatpants and ‘trying too hard to be funny’ graphic tees is getting old. If there’s a guy in your life in serious need of some style inspiration, send him this article as a little encouraging push.

Elevated Sweats



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Even when Shawn’s rocking a hoodie, he knows how to elevate it by throwing on jeans and a denim jacket on top. The look is still super comfortable, but adds a more grown up element to an otherwise “just rolled out of bed” outfit.

Sophisticated Shoes



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Shawn is almost always spotted in a pair of classic ankle boots with his everyday outfits. They’re just as comfortable as sneakers, but are way better at tying an outfit together. I can imagine the black ones he’s wearing here go with just about everything in his wardrobe.

Printed Suits



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Shawn isn’t afraid of straying from your basic black suit and trying something out of the box. My personal favorite is this paisley printed rendition he wore to an event in 2017. The muted color palette keeps it from looking over the top while the pattern adds a fun twist and makes him stand out in a sea of black suits.

Patterned Button Downs



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What can I say, the guy can rock a pattern. His tour uniform typically consists of a printed button down, black jeans, and the aforementioned ankle boots. The patterned shirt is a welcome change from the solid colors we’re used to seeing. It’s so easy to throw together and looks so good.




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I’m not sure why Shawn looks better in a headband than I ever will, but I think it’s best if I just don’t question it. His sunglasses and headband elevate his basic white tee and give it a cool factor. We know the headband isn’t for everyone, but even throwing on a nice pair of shades can totally change your look from basic to rockstar in five seconds flat.




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Even in the most basic of outfits, Shawn always looks good because he wears them with confidence. He knows what works on him and his personal style and sticks to it. You’re never fully dressed without a smile and some confidence to go along with it!

I wish every guy out there was dressed like Shawn Mendes. Even if he’s just in a t-shirt and jeans, he knows what colors look good on him and makes sure everything fits well - which is so important in making sure you look put together. Shawn, if you’re reading this, keep up the good work (and let me know when you want to get married).

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