Shane Thompson '15


Name: Shane Thompson

Year: May 2015

Major: Fashion design 

Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA

Favorite Class: Fashion art and design (where you learn to draw designs and model figures)

Favorite Designer: Elsa Schiaparelli right now but it constantly changes

What area of fashion design do you want to specialize in? Special occasion or sportswear, but I’m leaning towards special occasion.

Where do you get design inspiration? From things that are abnormal that people think might be ugly or weird. I like to find the beauty in them. There’s a man named Rick Genest who has his whole body tattooed as a zombie – a lot of people might think he is a freak but I designed a whole collection inspired by him.

What is your favorite trend right now? I actually do not like trends. I’m very anti-trend. I don’t think that people should dress the same way at the same time just because it’s what’s dictated to them, especially for fashion designers. Why would anybody want to see the same thing going down the runway at once?

Favorite stores? Topman. Also, I really like thrift stores.

Describe your style: One day I dress really preppy and the next day I look punk or gothic. I don’t really have a set style, its just ever changing.

Something that people don’t know from looking at me: I’m really fascinated by learning – anything from math to physics to whatever, I just love learning.

Advice to high school students that want to go into fashion design: The fashion industry is not for sissies – a lot of people think you just sit at your desk and draw but really there is a whole different side to the fashion industry that people don’t see. Don’t come in expecting not to do work.

Why he chose FIT: It was my dream school. I came here before I applied to take a precollege course and I just fell in love with it. It’s in the middle of Manhattan and everyone here was just different, which I liked.

Favorite quote: You can never be over dressed or over educated – Oscar Wilde

Fashion icon: It’s a tie between Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness