Self Tanner Season Is Here

A long, cold winter of being pale has started to take a toll on my mental health. Seeing everyone go away on spring break vacations to tropical locales on social media only made it worse. My paleness started to become a bigger insecurity day by day. I realized that while everyone who went away had their base tan for summer that would only continue to darken as they lay out through the spring and summer, I was white as a ghost.

As a college student who lives in a tiny dorm room in a city where the weather is unpredictable, I needed to do something. I wanted to just get a little color so I could “catch up” to all the other girls on campus and be ready for summer! After doing some research, I turned to Jergens Natural Glow to bring out some color. So far, it has been three days and the results are incredible!

Jergens Natural Glow Body Moisturizer, Amazon, $8, shop now

The bottle says it can take up to seven days for results to show, but after just three days I am already more tan than my friends who have gone on vacation - and it looks completely natural with no spots or inconsistencies. The best part is that it can be applied like regular lotion. One of the major reasons why I chose this one is because you don’t have to wash it off after use, making it the perfect  addition to my busy schedule. For $8 for a big bottle on Amazon Prime it was well worth the price compared to its more expensive counterparts such a St. Tropez. This product is definitely my new favorite and I can’t wait to see the results after continuing use for seven days!