Save the Earth, One Sweater at a Time

It is that time of year again: where we welcome back the crisp, fall sunshine, and say goodbye to our flowing skirts and tank tops. It is time to clear out our closets to make room for our oversized sweaters, but we are left with the question of what to do with all of our spring and summer clothing (and all that winter clothing we unpacked but have not worn in years.) Don’t get your bikini bottoms in a knot, here are the most efficient and sustainable ways to clear out your closet.

Thrifting is your new best friend. Fast Fashion is a killer for not only the earth with pollution, but the people being paid unlivable wages and working in inhumane conditions to make the clothing. Do your part to end the Fast Fashion trend by thrifting. Take all of your slightly worn or unworn clothing and head on over to your local thrift shop to sell them. Buffalo Exchange, for example, gives you either 30% back in cash or 50% back in store credit. Take the store credit and go on a shopping spree to get some new fall clothes and feel good while you shop.



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If you don't have a thrift shop nearby, there are many ways to sell your old clothes, shoes, and handbags online. Companies like Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and even eBay allow you to sell your clothes through their apps. They are so easy to use; all you have to do is post a picture of the garment and fill out information. The app handles all of the money transactions and shipping cost. You just print out a label and send the product on its way. It's super easy, and can be done from the comfort of your new spring cleaned room.

If a thrift shop or apps won’t take your items, do not throw your clothes out! Dive into your creative side and rework your clothing. Distress a pair of jeans easily with a box knife, paint on them to create a unique piece or art, or whip out the sewing machine and create something totally new. Either way, you’re ending up with a one-of-a kind garment.

Not up for the creativity? Dig into your humanity. Donate your clothing to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, church, or any other community service center. Not only will you be helping those who can not afford to buy clothing, but you are helping reduce the clothing filling our landfills.

Whichever way you choose, do your part this season to reduce the pollution caused by clothing. Give your favorite skirt a second chance, save the earth, and score some new fall clothes to make this hot girl semester the best one yet.