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Prepare your Wardrobe for Spring!

The holiday season has officially ended but the cold weather has not. Springtime is such a tease for us New Yorkers, as we are unable to do anything but sit and wait for an increase in temperature during the next two months.

We must remain patient, but that does not mean our wardrobe has to! Here are some ideas for this “Sprinter” season and how you can give your winter style a nice spring twist in the meantime.



Opaque tights are one of the best transitional clothing items a girl could have. Just dig up your favorite mini dress from last summer or spring and throw on a pair of tights for a refreshing (and warm!) look.


Big, Floppy Hats!

Big, floppy hats are known to be synonymous with sunny days but now they make for a great winter/spring accessory. Trade in your thick, knitted hat for an over sized, velvety one to update your outerwear.

18 year old fashion school student from Brooklyn :)
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