A Pregnancy Pillow Is Going to Make Your Bed 1000x Cozier

Yes, you read that title right. Allow me to introduce you to the most comfortable thing you will ever own: the pregnancy pillow. My pregnancy pillow is the best investment I’ve ever made for my room and it’s about to be yours too. No, I am not pregnant, I just appreciate a cozy pillow. 

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, Amazon, $38, shop now

I first heard about pregnancy pillows in a Cosmopolitan article where Carly Cardellino wrote about how much she loves hers. I was intrigued and headed to Amazon to find out more. After reading reviews from both pregnant and non-pregnant people, I was sold. 

My mom - although she thought I was crazy - bought me a pregnancy pillow for my birthday and it is now my favorite thing ever. It is essentially a giant C-shaped body pillow that you can wrap yourself around. It feels like you’re laying in a cozy cocoon. I love using it to sit comfortable on the couch or on my bed and to sleep with. My sisters even steal it from me from time to time - no one can resist its coziness. 

Personally, I can’t sleep with my pregnancy pillow at night because it gets caught up in my blankets. My favorite way to use mine is to take naps or just to relax in bed. Not to be dramatic, but for $40, I turned by bed into an oasis of coziness. Even my friends are obsessed and all want pregnancy pillows now. My cat even loves it.

Men and women, pregnant or not, should all invest in their own pregnancy pillow. Anyone who appreciates coziness will love this comfy addition to their space. Snuggle up this fall with a pregnancy pillow and you’ll thank me later.

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