This Is Not a Drill: One Direction Might Be Having a Reunion

It's time to dig out your cardboard cutouts and posters because we are on track for a One Direction reunion in the near future. It's been a long four years since the band started their “short hiatus”, and with the band's 10 year anniversary approaching, a reunion is way overdue.  Here is everything you need to know about 1D’s possible comeback.  

First and foremost, we have confirmation from multiple sources that a reunion is bound to happen. On The One Show, Louis Tomlinson made an appearance to promote his album, “Walls”, and couldn’t escape without questions about the reunion.  While the break has felt much shorter to the boys than the fans, since they have been busy making new music and focusing on their careers, he says with great certainty that a reunion will be happening.

We have more promising news from Liam Payne.  When asked about a reunion by a reporter, Liam stated that the group has started to talk again more frequently in recent months. However, as each individual member’s solo career takes off, and Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan prepare for their tours this year, reunion plans may be pushed back to a further date. 

Simon Cowell, who we credit with the creation of One Direction, is also making hopeful predictions.  In an interview with the radio talk show Heart Breakfast, when he was asked about the band getting back together, he stated “my gut feeling is yes”.  He continued to explain that he sees it happening within the next five years. While we're all hoping for sooner rather than later, at least we have some assurance from a credible source. 



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Another favorable hint of the reunion is the update of One Direction’s official website.  The change was subtle, but no change gets by without at least one fan not noticing. At the bottom of the page, a line reads “2020 Sony Music Entertainment”.  As you can assume, this line previously read “2016 Sony Music Entertainment”, the year the band broke up. Are we reading way to deep into this? Could this have just been caused by normal maintenance procedures? Or is this a hint at a reunion? There isn’t a way to know for sure yet. 

Now here’s one final kicker.  As we all know, Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015 to pursue a solo career and has been extremely successful since. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that Zayn will return to the band for a reunion. While this is devastating news and the band might not be the same without him, we’ll take what we can get. 

Although we cannot say for sure yet when One Direction will make their much-anticipated comeback, we can say almost say with full positivity that it will happen someday.