New Year, New Me

This past week, Jews all over the world celebrated the Jewish New Year. Jews reflected on their past year and where they have gone wrong. Whether you are Jewish or not, it is the perfect time to reflect on these past nine months and see if you have stayed true to your New Year's resolution. With only three months left in this decade, now is the time to turn your year around and stay true to your resolutions. 

It is very hard for someone to admit their wrongdoings and see where they strayed from their promises, but once you are able to see where your imperfections lie, you can turn these last three months around. It also does not necessarily need to be a big adjustment because changing the little things are just as impactful on who you are.

The easiest way to reflect on the year is to think about the bad things that happened and evaluate how you handled the situation. Having more of an open mind or becoming more understanding of someone elses life and difficulties is a great way to turn your year around. Another hard but rewarding thing to do is forgive. This year was not easy for most, but by forgiving the people that wronged you, you can focus on the good in life. Holding grudges and channeling hate is unhealthy, so by forgiving, you are able to refocus that negative energy into a positive mindset.

Saying this also does not mean I have perfected this craft in anyway. Over the past week, I forgave, evaluated, and understood where I slipped up this past year. I realized I was not perfect, but that these three months and New Year is an opportunity for me to be better. My resolution is to be more patient in the coming months, which is beyond difficult if you know me. Every resolution needs to be taken a day at a time, and if you break it, try and get back to your original goal. Obviously, I cannot be patient all the time, but by seeing when I am not, I am able to correct myself for the future.

So, if you are still reading, I want you to stop for a minute and think hard about this past year. Think of the good and the bad. Think of the happy and the sad. Now see if a change in yourself can change the energy you put into the world. Whether it is becoming healthier, friendlier or more environmentally conscious, any change if yourself can lead to a more positive world.

Three months is just enough time to reflect on the year and change the things about yourself that could improve the world around you. If we all make this change together, we can end 2019 the way we wanted it to be and we can enter 2020 in a whole new mindset.