Meet Your Social Media Manager: Katie Flanagan

Hometown: Long Island.

Major: Fashion Business Management.

Fun fact: My family started a hockey fundraiser, check out the link here and donate!

Dream job: To own my boutique back home in one of the town's villages.

Favorite movie: Home Again.

Favorite food: Chicken fingers and fries - I will order these at a restaurant no matter how old I get.

Favorite spot in NYC: Brooklyn; I love walking the bridge and going to Williamsburg.

Why did you decide to join Her Campus?

I decided to join Her Campus because I felt it was a good way to get involved on campus since I was not in any other clubs.

What is your favorite part about being involved with Her Campus?

My favorite part about being involved in Her Campus is the people. In other clubs it's easy to not feel involved, but this club is a great at making all members feel important.

Want to join? Email [email protected] or [email protected]