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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Laser Facial at Skin Laundry

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Have you ever wondered what a laser facial is or the benefits it has for your skin? A laser facial is a type of laser treatment that helps refresh your skin, cure dark spots, lighten scars, and uplift collagen in your skin. Not only is it a newfound way of technology that helps make your skin glow, but it is a painless treatment that makes you walk out of the clinic with confidence and shine. 

Do you know the right place to go to? Well, don’t worry because we’ve found the perfect spot to start your laser facial and skincare journey!

Skin Laundry is revolutionizing skincare with their Signature Laser Facial. In under 10 minutes, their treatment deep-cleans your pores, increases collagen production, and treats hyperpigmentation, acne, and so much more. It can be intimidating, reading about all of the ways that small lasers work and you may have questions. But every single staff member is there to guide you along your laser facial journey. 

We had the chance to visit the Flatiron location and experience the treatment for ourselves. Prior to the treatment, they asked us questions about our medical and skincare history and photographed our skin to ensure that we were good candidates for the laser. After our pictures were taken, a medical professional took us to a private room where our treatment would begin. He took a good ten minutes explaining what to do and what not to do after our lasers and also asked us what we are looking to gain from this treatment. Once all questions and protocols were done, we got to lay down on a very comfy, medical style bed and wait to get our facials. 

It can be nerve-wracking, laying down while waiting for a stranger to hold a laser to your face, but they made us feel extremely comfortable and safe throughout the whole process. He explained that he would use the laser over each section of our faces four times. As soon as the treatment began, he checked in to make sure that the laser wasn’t too hot or painful. We both went in expecting it to feel like getting a tattoo- small, sharp stings on the skin, but it felt like getting a hot stone massage. There was no pain at any point during the process, and it was even relaxing. 

After the laser, they gave us each a serum and SPF that was personalized to our skincare needs. A couple of the options included were Hyaluronic Acid and Tranexamic Acid. Both felt refreshing and our skin felt tighter, cleaner, and more radiant. 

We both have sensitive skin and were apprehensive that the laser would feel harsh, but neither of us experienced any discomfort during or after the facial. 

This experience was a thrill to both of us and opened our eyes beyond just using expensive products on our skin that may not even be effective. Our skin has never felt better and has never been more clear. This was only after one treatment. Based on your skin, the doctors will tell you which treatment is best for you and how many times a month you would have to go. You can book your first Signature Laser Facial appointment now for only $75 at https://www.skinlaundry.com/

Aneesha is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising and Marketing Communications focusing on journalism.
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