If You're Going To Splurge On One Thing, It Should Be The Beachwaver

There are certain things in life I’ll never spend a lot of money on: mascara, shampoo, workout clothes (Old Navy FTW!), to name a few. But I also know that oftentimes you get what you pay for in terms of quality, and a good investment here and there is totally worth it. Enter the Beachwaver.



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I bought the Beachwaver with my first paycheck from my job at a prom dress store senior year of high school. I had used one before when my cousin and aunt would let me play with theirs and I loved the way it made my hair look. In the store, I was super hesitant to spent $129 on a curling iron, I even called my dad to ask for his opinion. After a pep talk to myself that I had worked hard and that it was okay to treat myself once in a while, I brought home my Beachwaver.

The Beachwaver was invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa. Potempa has used the Beachwaver  to style the manes of everyone from Camila Cabello to Lea Michele. It is most famous for being the secret weapon used backstage to create the models’ gorgeous waves at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It has a rotating barrel that makes it so easy to get perfect curls in a short amount of time - AKA it’s a lazy girl’s best friend.



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Since I’ve bought my Beachwaver, it has become my hair’s best friend. I can create both loose beach waves and tight curls much faster and easier than I would with a normal curling iron (TBH I can barely even use a normal curling iron). Based on how often I use it and the amazing quality, it is 100% worth it’s high price tag - I’ve had mine for a year and a half and it still works perfectly. Any of my friends who have seen me use it are immediately curious and try it out. The Beachwaver makes curling my hair fun!

Once you use the Beachwaver, you’ll never want to touch a normal curling iron again.

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