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How TikTok Changed the Makeup Industry

I’ll admit, some days I find myself mindlessly scrolling on TikTok for hours on end. Every time I visit the app, it’s an endless stream of entertainment in bite-sized pieces of content. From viral dances to reaction videos, to cooking and even DIY fashion tips, there’s a niche for everyone on this app. However, there is always one thing that pops up on everyone’s For You Page: makeup trends.

TikTok has risen in popularity since the start of quarantine, and thanks to the pandemic keeping us at home more than ever, makeup enthusiasts now have another outlet to showcase their talents and create new looks. For so long, the ‘Instagram baddie look’ had dominated the online makeup world, thanks to celebrities and influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star. Now, TikTok showcases creators with all sorts of makeup aesthetics, from alternative to e-girl, and even cottage-core and cosplaying. There’s a makeup niche for practically anything on this popular app.

One notable makeup artist who has explored all of these aesthetics is Abby Roberts. She’s an Instagram influencer and beauty promoter who is super well known for her special effects makeup as well as collaborations with Morphe and Colourpop. She began to gain popularity after creating videos with James Charles in 2018. Her makeup designs are super unique, and take on a creative twist to current trends, sometimes even creating a trend herself. She has over 14 million fans on TikTok and over 700 million likes. 



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TikTok has paved the way for lots of creative looks. The rise of alt-TikTok, home of the e-girl makeup look, has left a long-lasting impression on this platform. It’s had one of the biggest impacts on makeup trends this past year. Alt-TikTok has popularized intense blush, unique eyeliner shapes, and rounding up one’s lip shape. Some creators have even put slits into their eyebrows, or have shaved their eyebrows entirely. I’ve also noticed how some even draw little shapes on their faces, mostly in the shape of a heart around their cheeks or eye area!! The cottagecore makeup trend is very similar to an e-girl makeup look, but instead of using bold colors, soft pastel color palettes are widely used.

TikTok has expanded its impact on the social media industry and has taken a top spot as one of the ultimate video-sharing platforms that are used today. Makeup trends on TikTok have completely changed how we wear makeup. 

Hi everyone! My name is Maya Kristina Davila and I'm currently a freshman at FIT! I'm a fashion design major but I plan on becoming a stylist!! I love everything fashion and beauty related :) My Instagram is @maya.davila!!
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