How to Host the Ultimate College Friendsgiving

It’s officially the unofficial best time of the year—Holiday season! Most of us can agree that one of the best parts about the holidays is the food. Halloween candy, Christmas cookies, and of course, the Thanksgiving feast. The only thing better than an amazing Thanksgiving dinner is an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with your best friends in the comfort or your dorm or apartment. 

There’s no better way to show your thankfulness for your friendships than throwing the ultimate Friendsgiving, and here’s five tips how to make it work in college.

1. Use Your Resources

College students don’t usually have the luxury of using state of the art kitchen tools or eating at a big dining room table. Considering the short distance most of us live from each other, have everyone bring their own chair and push together some tables to fit everyone. Use your fairy lights (I know you have them, every college student does) to create a fun and warm ambiance. Encourage guests to bring their own plate so the host doesn’t get stuck washing the dishes and to avoid wasting paper plates. 

2. Have everyone bring a dish!

In college, you’re lucky if you’re able to make dinner for yourself, let alone all of your friends. Have everyone bring one or two dishes they know how to make, know the best place to buy it, or just love! It’s usually easier for the host to make the entrée, and all the guests to bring their favorite side, desserts, or drinks!

3. Make more than you need

There are few things better in life than not having to prep a meal. Making an excess makes for great leftovers, and you’ll also never have to worry about running out of food for your guests. If everyone, or even just a few people, make more food than needed, you can avoid frozen meals and have Thanksgiving dinner for days instead!

4. Share Traditions

One of the best parts about celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends is that you can learn so many new things about them. So, whether it’s a special dish or a game played at the table every year, share it! Some popular traditions are usually going around to say what you’re thankful for, splitting the wishbone, or hosting an intense post-dinner charades game. Experience each other’s favorite traditions or make your own!

5. Create the ultimate playlist

Music determines the room’s atmosphere and can make or break the energy. Create an epic Friendsgiving playlist to jam to throughout the night and to listen back on. Now, I know there’s not much ‘Thanksgiving music’, but there’s so many songs out there that revolve around family, friends, love, and being grateful (but I won’t tell anyone if you throw a few Christmas songs in there). When in doubt, always go with the theme from Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 

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