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The Five-Dollar DIY Fashion Fix

Need a quick, cheap and super trendy wardrobe update for fall? Honey, you are in the right place! One trend that I am obsessing over is embellished collars. I was on the hunt for a cute shirt with gold studs but I wasn’t finding anything at a college student price-point (major bummer!). I marched out of Urban Outfitters and decided to take matters into my own hands to create a DIY project!

STUDS: Where to get them?
You can order a variety of studs online (I snagged 100 studs on eBay for $4.99 including shipping!) in different sizes, colors and shapes, to suit your style. While you’re waiting for your order to arrive, search for a collared shirt to take to a new level. If you’re on a budget, use something from your closet!

WAIT: How do these things work?
The studs I used look like a teeny tiny table for Polly Pocket (remember those days?). What I mean is: the stud is like a tabletop and there are four legs connected to it. You simply place the stud in the spot you want and push through the fabric with all four legs. Then, fold the legs in towards each other to secure the stud into place.

So. Flippin. Easy.


Just a few pointers:
1. Make sure the fabric is thin enough for your studs to puncture. My collar was a very thin denim fabric and I didn’t struggle.
2. If you don’t love the studded collar trend then stud a thin pair of canvas sneakers or a tote bag you use for school instead.
3. Be creative with the layout of the studs; you’re about to look really badass so don’t be afraid to push your limits!

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