The Do's & Don'ts of Thrifting

Over the past few months, thrifting has become my latest obsession. I am a sucker for cheap clothing and I was susceptible to fast fashion because of it. When I learned how ethically and environmentally wrong most fast fashion brands are, I knew I needed to make a change.

At first, I was completely overwhelmed by most thrift stores such as Savers and Goodwill. I thought I couldn't possibly find something decent to wear in these mile-long racks of old clothing. The first time I went, I only found one thing I actually liked. I thought thrifting wasn't for me. Then, a few months later, I wanted to make my Halloween costume and needed some last-minute items. This is when I hit gold, however, I was still unsure if I could shop there for my everyday looks.

I ended up going back, and this time, I was shocked by all the clothes piling up in my cart as I skimmed the racks. I found unique graphic tees, chunky knit sweaters, and purses for less than $5. I was in my glory. So if you're new to thrifting like I was, take a look at my Do’s and Don'ts of thrifting to help you hit gold more often and not feel so overwhelmed! 

Do: Go Alone

Thrifting is my favorite go-to way to spend a day alone. It gives me the freedom to spend as long as I want in the store and look in any section without having to worry about anyone else. If you are worried that you won't have someone to approve of your choices, don’t be. Fashion should be a reflection of your style and your style only. You don't need someone telling you to not get something that you secretly love. And if you don’t know what your style is, keep reading for more tips.

Don't: Go In A Rush

Please don't ever go to a thrift store before work, with your dog in the car, or right before the store closes. You need time to dig through everything to find the good stuff.

Do: Make A Vision Board Before You Go

If you are unsure of your style, I recommend downloading Pinterest and making a vision board of outfits you like or colors you like. Avoid pigeon-holeing yourself into a specific brand and look more at the silhouettes and aesthetic you like, not just the logo.

Don't: Look For A Specific Item You Need

The thrift store is a mixed bag and if you set out looking for a specific item I can almost guarantee that you won't find it. Instead, make a list of five or more items that interest you. You are more likely to hit the jackpot in one of those areas.

Do: Double and Triple Check Your Cart

It's happened to me where I go home and something has a hole in it or is stained because I didn't check the item closely enough. Please make sure you triple check your cart before checkout to ensure that everything is high quality.

Do: Try-On

Even if there are no dressing rooms, there are still ways to get around this. For jeans, take the waistband and wrap it around your neck (I know, looks crazy) but it's actually a really good way to see if the jeans will fit. If the two ends touch, they’ll fit, if not keep looking. Even if the jeans are super cute, it won't matter if they don't fit you right. Also, go thrifting wearing a tank top so you can easily try on shirts over what you wore.

Congratulations, You’re ready to start thrifting! I wish you luck and hope you create the wardrobe of your dreams!