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I am back for another ranking of an album and this was definitely the hardest album to rank. This album has zero skips, but here is my personal ranking of my favorite songs on Walls. Fun fact is that Louis Tomlinson wrote 200 songs for this album and chose these 12 to be on his first debut album.


12. Only the Brave

I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but I just think that this song should have been longer and it would have been superior.


11.Kill My Mind 

I really do love this song and it was a great single, but I just think other songs on this album are more heartfelt. 


10. Too Young

This song is sad because it talks about young love and how when you are young you do not appreciate the love you had. This song is so relatable thinking about your first love and how many people take it for granted.


9. Don’t Let it Break Your Heart

This song talks about how to get over a broken heart and is really powerful. Personally, I listened to this song on repeat when I went through my last breakup. Fun fact is that the chorus instrumental sounds like Steal My Girl by One Direction slowed down. 


8. Perfect Now

Perfect Now is the modern version of Little Things and really just puts me in my feels. Just imagine Louis Tomlinson calling you perfect even when you do not feel that way.



I had originally ranked this at 11 and moved it down to 7 after listening to it on repeat. The beat of this song is so great and it is a really unique sound. It also showcases the beautiful range of Louis.


6. We Made It

It is WE Made It and not I Made It for a reason. This song reflects on how the members of One Direction had their dreams come true and made it as musicians. It shows that he still loves and cares about the boys.


5. Two of Us

This song was written about his mom Johannah and how much he loves her. I cannot listen to this song without crying because this song is so raw. Louis has experienced incredible loss and it is extremely bold to be so open and sing about something so personal.


4. Fearless

This song is supposed to remember how it felt to be young and that people need to remember to be young and fearless. The best part of the song is that at the end there is a young boy that says “Mom I did it.” 


3. Walls

This song is just so deserving of the title of the album and of being a single. Everything about this song is perfect and the music video is just adorable. Overall, Louis has not had it easy and this song expresses that we as individuals can get through anything.


2. Always You

This is the song that I sing at the top of my lungs in the car. This song is also believed to be a Larry song because Louis went to Amsterdam with Elanor. Always You is incredible live and you should listen to him perform it in Barcelona on YouTube.


1. Habit

I mean this is a Larry song especially because the lyric “come so far from Princess Park” which is where Louis and Harry lived while in One Direction. This song is just very relatable and it is so pure to listen to. 

This album is so brilliant and it is honestly so sad that this album is not praised. Everyone should be listening to Walls on repeat. Please go stream Walls and let me know what you think about my ranking of the album.

My name is Joely Pasetsky and I am a Senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live on campus in New York City and love living here. I am studying Fashion Business Management with a minor in Ethics and Sustainability. I love shopping, obviously, hanging out with friends, and experiencing New York City.