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Definitive Ranking of Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan

Niall Horan dropped an album and it did not receive the praise it deserved. Not only is the album incredible, but it is curated in the order to tell a story of falling in love, getting broken up with and then going out and trying dating again. Ranking all 14 songs based on my opinion, but hopefully this will encourage some of you to give it a listen.

14. "No Judgement"


A post shared by Niall Horan (@niallhoran) on May 22, 2020 at 9:34am PDT

This song is great, do not get me wrong, but it should not have been a single on the album. It is just very basic and all of his other songs are superior to it.

13. "New Angel"

This song is the perfect mix of pop and chill. Definitely give it a listen.

12. "San Francisco"

"San Francisco" is a cute song and has a great tune to listen to when you are reminiscing on the past. A fun fact is that the "San Francisco" song inspiration happened in San Jose, but Niall thought that San Francisco sounded better.

11. "Bend the Rules"

The chorus of "Bend the Rules" is one of the best written ones on the album. It is so brilliant the way this song in itself tells a whole love story.

10. "Arms of a Stranger"


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I think that this song tells the most interesting perspective of how it feels being with someone else post break up. This song is extremely relatable. Also, Niall’s voice is unbelievable in this song.

9. "Put a Little Love on Me"

This song was the first slow single on the album and is just beautiful overall. The classic quarantine saying “all dress up and nowhere to go” comes from this song.

8. "Dear Patience"

My favorite thing is listening to "Black and White" fade into "Dear Patience". The song just gets better and better as you progress from chorus to chorus.

7. "Nice to Meet Ya"


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"Nice to Meet Ya" was the first single on Heartbreak Weather and the most known song on the album. It is so fun to listen to and sing along to. Now that the album is out, look at the music video one more time and see the clues for other songs on the album featured in it.

6. "Cross Your Mind"

This song is so catchy and the beat is great. This is the type of song that you can see Niall dancing to on stage when he goes on tour.

5. "Heartbreak Weather"

I personally love "Heartbreak Weather" and think it is an incredible Track 1. I love singing this song on blast in my car. This music video is also very funny so check it out.

4. "Small Talk"


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This is the "Slow Hands" of Heartbreak Weather. Nothing else needs to be said.

3. "Everywhere"

I think this is the most underrated song on the album. It is so adorable and just always hits the spot. This deserves more praise!

2. "Still"

"Still" is the saddest song on the album, yet I can never skip it. A fun fact is that Harry Styles’ "Fine Line" which is the last song on his album and "Still" which is the last song on Heartbreak Weather both say “we will be alright.”

1. "Black and White"


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"Black and White" is the best song on the album and deserves to be played at every wedding. Directioners now have a first dance song that expresses how much they love each other forever. The stripped down version also needs some praise.

Also, after listening to Heartbreak Weather, don't forget about listening to Moral of the Story and Flicker. Enjoy!




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