All Of The Dorm Decorations for the Cutest Room on Your Floor

While going back to school means leaving your friends and family from home, saying goodbye to free time, and returning to a busy schedule, it also means you get a whole new blank canvas of a dorm for you to decorate.  Here are a few ideas for decorating your dorm this year!

1. String lights



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String lights are a great way to decorate and add extra lighting to your room.  Drape them over your tapestry or other decorations on your wall. 

2. Flower/Ivory garland



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Add a chic or bohemian flare to your room by hanging flowers or ivory garlands loosely on your walls.  

3. Plants 



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Add some greenery to your dorm with some plants to add a home-y touch.  You can also use fake ones, so you don’t have to worry about watering them.

4. Shelves



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Shelves let you free up some space on your tables and desk and are a cute way to display your mugs, plants, or books. 

5. Tapestries



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Tapestries are another great way to decorate especially if you have a large bare wall and can’t think of many things to do with it. 

6. Clothing rack



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Most dorm rooms come with a closet or wardrobe but, you can also use a clothing rack to free up some space and show off your cute clothes. 

7.  Throw pillows and blankets 



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Make your bed super cute and cozy with throw pillows and blankets. You’ll be thankful for the extra blanket when winter arrives.

8. Rugs 




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Getting out of bed in the morning is already horrible, and nothing is worse than stepping on the cold tile floors with bare feet.  A cute rug will not only warm up your feet, it will also make your dorm feel cozier and more like a home.

9.  Prints and photos 



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Show off your photography skills or find photos to use on Pinterest. Pro tip: use the app “Free Prints” and you can get up to 85 4x6 prints each month, and all you have to pay for is shipping. Other size’s prices vary based on their size.  

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