8 Reasons Why It's Good to Rewatch Shows You Liked in High School About High School

After binge watching Vampire Diaries after forgetting that the show existed, I gained a new appreciation for the tv shows I loved in High School. 

1. Realizing that what these characters in the tv show experienced is nothing that you actually experienced.

2. Seeing that the acting you once thought was amazing is terrible.

3. All of your issues in life seem insignificant compared to what these high schoolers go through in a day.

4. You do not need to give this show all of your time and brain power because you have already seen it.

5. You have the opportunity to gain more appreciation for little things about the show that you missed the first time around.

6. These perfect love stories are fake. None of this love is realistic and they are 16 years old.

7. The popularity you aspired to reach in High School is overrated.

8. The characters lives are more figured out than your own and that is ok.

All in all, these are just a few reasons to binge watch a tv show you watched in High School about High School. Some reccomendatoins are Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, 90210 and of course, Vampire Diaries. Whether you are taking a break from homework or up at 3 am, open up Netflix and watch away.