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5 Ways to Stay Organized Throughout Remote Learning

As we all know, remote learning is becoming quite popular due to COVID-19. The Fashion Institute of Technology is one of many colleges that have made the decision to move all students to online classes. Although it’s upsetting, we can only try to make the best of it. 

Remote learning may be the only option to keep us safe and healthy, but it comes with some challenges. Staying both on top of assignments and organized while living in your childhood home again can definitely be difficult. Hopefully my tips and tricks to stay organized will help keep you focused and stress free. 

1. Use a planner

[bf_image id="q5b2aj-163a5k-9qk5qg"] Planning out the day/week/month in advance will help keep you on top of due dates, so you never miss an assignment or event. My favorite planner is from Papier. They have lots of great designs and patterns to choose from. 

2. Have a separate work space

Whether you’re doing school work or working from home, keeping your work space away from your sleeping space will keep you more focused. Try working outside or in another room in your home to prevent you from crawling back into bed. 

3. Have set working hours

Schedule yourself to do homework at a time that will work best for you and give you enough time to complete all of your work. This will also ensure that you have some work/life balance. 

4. Take breaks as needed

[bf_image id="q2wigt-bmepps-50k94b"] Listen to your body. If your brain is going on homework overload, maybe take a 15 minute refresh to focus better and get back on topic. 


I know that it’s hard to want to do anything but that 10 page paper you have due in three days, especially when you’re at home all day, but procrastinating only leads to work piling up. This leads to more stress and becoming disorganized. 

Good luck to both students going back to in person classes this semester and to those who will be taking remote classes. I hope that some of the tips mentioned above can help us all stay organized with upcoming assignments during these hard times.


Leanne Barbarito is a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology. She received her Associates Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications and will continue working towards her Bachelors Degree in International Trade and Marketing in The Fashion Industries with a minor in Ethics and Sustainability.
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