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5 Ways to Hold On to Your Hot Girl Summer

Like those of you that dread the winter months and already shiver when the temperature reaches 70 degrees, I am desperately grasping onto the last few weeks of summer I have left. Although we may have to layer up in the coming months, here are a few ways to keep those summer vibes going into fall. 

1. The sun may not kiss your skin quite the same anymore, but keep that summer glow with some bronzer 

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2. Using layers to turn your hot girl summer ‘fits into fall girl hits


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Layer a cardigan over that crop top or pair a sweater with a slip skirt for a warm and trendy look. 

3. Keep drinking that iced coffee when the temperature drops 

You might just have to wear gloves to keep your hands warm.  

4. Watch as many sunsets as you can


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They may force you out of bed early, but continue to get those VSCO worthy sunset and golden hour pics for as long as you can. 

5. Wear bright colors


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Keep bright colors in your wardrobe and avoid full black or dark fits. I may mourn the loss of summer days, but no need to let the funeral last all fall season. 


Tania is a Fashion Business Management major at FIT and is currently a Sophomore. She loves art, reading and writing and honestly any excuse to talk about all three.
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