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5 Simple Sustainable Swaps You Can Make in Your Life

Looking for simple and easy ways to live a more sustainable and eco-conscious life? Check out these 5 sustainable swaps for things we use often in our daily lives! 

1. Ditch the makeup wipes

Swap your disposable makeup wipes for a reusable option such as The Makeup Eraser. About 20 million makeup wipes are thrown away daily, plus they can be an irritant for your skin and eyes. Switching over to a reusable make up remover such as The Makeup Eraser will leave your skin and the planet better off.

2. Use a reusable face mask

Swap out your disposable face mask for a reusable one. About 3.4 billion face masks are thrown away daily, so if you are able to, now is the time to invest in a cute and stylish reusable face mask. Check out @by.kndl on IG where you can get yours.

3. Say no to single use plastic

Ditch the single use plastic bags from stores, and use a reusable tote! Not only are they a super cute accessory, but you will be helping combat the 300 million plastic bags that end up in the ocean per year. Don’t have a reusable bag at home? Head to these small businesses on IG to get yours: @bttrflygrrl, @glob.land, @envirotote.

4. Use Silverware

Say no to single use plastic utensils when getting takeout or delivery, and instead use your silverware at home. There is no need to use disposable utensils if you are home, so be sure to put in the notes of your order ‘no plastic utensils’ and just use what you already have!

5. Forego plastic straws

Lastly, swap out single use plastic straws for a reusable one if you are able. Whether you prefer metal, silicone, bamboo or glass, there are many reusable straw options — even ones that are collapsable for travel! 

Overall, we know that large corporations are to blame for the majority of pollution. However, this doesn’t mean that we as individuals shouldn’t try to make a change for the better where we can. In the end, doing something positive, even if it seems small, is always better than doing nothing. :)

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