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As Spring arrives it’s time to switch from dark winter colors to pastel colors, and incorporate fun nail designs into your manicure! Look up the 5 nail designs below on Pinterest to show your local nail technician at your next appointment!

1. Sage Green

This green is everywhere. It gives your nails a nice clean look and it is a super fun color in general. It looks great on all nail shapes!

2. Swirly French

This updated french mani look is both elegant and adorable. People are even doing it in crazy colors. An almond-shaped nail will definitely look best with this style.

3. Zebra Tips

Zebra tips sound a little crazy, but hey we are in a pandemic. These nails match everything, and when is animal print not in style?!

4. Smiley Faces

Whether it is a Harry Styles-inspired single yellow smiley face per nail or a bunch of different pastel ones of different sizes, everyone will have a little happiness on their nails this Spring.

5. Each nail a different pastel and modern design

These nails are a little busy, but so sleek. I know I will be getting this look the second I get a little tan to make my nails pop! It even looks great with gold jewelry.

My name is Joely Pasetsky and I am a Sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live on campus in New York City and love living here. I am studying Fashion Business Management with the the hope of one day going into Product Development. I love shopping, obviously, hanging out with friends, working at Express and experiencing New York City.
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