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5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts That Will Have You Scrolling For Hours

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your free time on social media, especially Instagram! Even with the new updates that have caused an uproar among users (why is there a shopping tab now?), there is something still really alluring about this photo-sharing app. As a fashion design student, I love following accounts that keep me up to date and inspired!! Below is a short list I created of my 5 must-follow Instagram accounts!

1. @theeverygirl 

I fell in love with this account at the beginning of quarantine. ‘The Everygirl’ Instagram account is a go-to place for ‘creative and career-driven’ women! This page posts all sorts of resources, you even have the chance to be featured on their website and feed if you use the hashtag #sharetheeverygirl. Typically, their posts are used to promote articles up on their website, but sometimes their posts are mixed content. At times they’ll post motivational quotes, other times they’ll post fashion inspiration, and sometimes they’ll repost their Everygirl community photos! They also post Instagram stories covering an array of topics, from mental health to recipes, to gift guides and even meal preps! 

2. @adolescentcontent

Next on my list is Adolescent Content! It’s a digital content platform that’s made by youth for youth; I’m actually currently interning for this company! I love how it’s a Gen Z creative community that’s open to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, etc. Their Instagram is honestly my favorite on this list. I love how they share all sorts of content on their page. From Black Lives Matter and teaching yourself how to be a better ally, to giving a platform to LGBTQ+ voices, and offering Gen Z paid opportunities, Adolescent Content is such an engaging Instagram page. I definitely recommend checking them out and giving them a follow!

3. @parade

I discovered this underwear brand at the very start of the year and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them since! Not only do they recognize their responsibility for our planet, they are also body positive and size-inclusive. I have a few pairs of my own, and they are super duper soft, comfortable, and breathable. Not only are you saving the planet when you buy from them, but it also makes you look and feel good. Their Instagram account has such a cute feed! I literally can’t get enough.

4.  @fatannawintour

An unconventional Instagram page, @fantannawintour is run by a fashion journalist student from Central Saint Martin’s. As stated in the bio, this is a personal blog focused on “fashion appreciation, commentary, & memes”. It’s a must-follow for any fashion design student!

5. @vmagazine

Last but not least, is V Magazine’s Instagram account. It’s a vanguard of online fashion magazine destinations. There is a distinctive tone and aesthetic appeal to their feed, and it’s proven itself to be a hub for those who are obsessed with pop culture and current fashion trends! I love looking at their page for outfit inspiration.

Hi everyone! My name is Maya Kristina Davila and I'm currently a freshman at FIT! I'm a fashion design major but I plan on becoming a stylist!! I love everything fashion and beauty related :) My Instagram is @maya.davila!!
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