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5 Easy Ways to Become the Main Character in Your Life

  1. Confidence is key! Try and compliment yourself as least once a day. Whether it is when you are getting ready in the morning or during golden hour, you need to appreciate the little things about yourself.

  2. Make a playlist that you can vibe to and put it on whenever you are feeling down. Music can really turn your mood around and allow you to focus on you.

  3. Start manifesting yourself and your future. If you want something, go get it! After sitting inside for months, there are no excuses for not pursuing your goals. Whether it is getting good grades or a second date, if you manifest, you will succeed.

  4. Remove the toxic people from your life. Toxic people tend to steal the spotlight and that will not allow you to become the main character you were meant to be. Friends are meant to lift you up and make you feel better about yourself. If a friend is not doing so, they are not what is best for you.

  5. Finally, take control of your life. Stop letting people make decisions for you. It is your life and if you are not being the best version of yourself then you cannot be truly happy. Do not let anyone make decisions for you because only you know what is best for you.


Yes, these five ways to become the main character might not happen overnight, but as humans, we are works in progress. By taking control of your life, loving yourself, and trying to bring yourself joy, eventually you will become the main character in your life. Good luck and enjoy being the center of your world!

My name is Joely Pasetsky and I am a Sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live on campus in New York City and love living here. I am studying Fashion Business Management with the the hope of one day going into Product Development. I love shopping, obviously, hanging out with friends, working at Express and experiencing New York City.
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