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4 Things to Watch After You Finish ‘Bridgerton’

Anyone who has watched Netflix’s new show Bridgerton will probably tell you the same thing: they finished it in 1-2 days. While there’s no shame in rewatching it (I know I will be) here’s a few other shows and movies to watch while you wait for season 2.


If you were a fan of the stunning wardrobe in Bridgerton, Reign is the perfect show to move onto next. It loosely follows the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and her journey in France with Prince Francis. You’ll be hooked from the first episode — don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Stream it on Netflix.


While not very historically accurate, fans of Bridgerton will love this show’s modern take on Emily Dickinson’s life. It stars Hailee Steinfeld and has an amazing soundtrack — what else could you ask for?

Stream it on Apple TV+.

The Great

Hulu’s series The Great takes place in 18th century Russia and follows Catherine the Great, played by Elle Fanning. Hulu describes the series as “anti-historical” since it isn’t historically accurate, but sometimes that makes for the best shows, tbh.

Stream it on Hulu.


This series is perfect for anyone who loved the historical drama and romance of Bridgerton, plus the added bonus of time travel. The first three seasons are on Netflix, and season 4 will be available soon.

Stream it on Netflix.

Hopefully you’ve found something to queue up on your watchlist — but if you end up just watching Bridgerton again, I won’t judge.

Emily is a senior at FIT studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, she now lives in Brooklyn. In her spare time, you can find her watching reality TV or following a Chloe Ting workout video.
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