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4 Small Changes You Can Make This New Year That Have a Big Impact

New Year’s resolutions can be such a daunting idea. Instead, why not start off small and add some changes one day at time? These four small deeds just might do the trick to get you on the right path and bring some positive changes to your new year. 

1. Make your bed

[bf_image id="rp6rpmkhv5p8q743p99bkb"] Making your bed in the morning gets you up and moving and helps to give you a sense of accomplishment to start your day off right. It is a simple and easy task that may even help you get more done during the day. 

2. Drink water

[bf_image id="qf4ls5-bvpcs8-g8ax3p"] Want to add more hydration to your day? Try drinking a glass of water in the morning and at night. By starting and ending your day with proper hydration, it can make you feel better and give you more energy throughout the day. 

3. Read

[bf_image id="j3cpsg2f23gn338rv8hfskh"] Get you mind away from technology and set aside some time to get lost in a good book. Set a timer for 10 minutes a day to read those pages you have been putting off and before you know it, you will have stack of finished books on your bedside table 

4. Meditate 

[bf_image id="qbxmsl-1tck4o-8ly4dr"] Meditation does not have to be a long process. It can be as simple as setting a timer for five minutes a day or week, putting on your favorite song, and taking a few deep breaths. Taking the time to check in with yourself will only have positive long-term effects.


Hello, my name is Anna Valenta I am a current Senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and minoring in English with emphasis on writing. I am from New Jersey and love traveling, beauty, and the beach. I like trying new things and have a very outgoing personality and I hope you enjoy reading my articles just as much as I enjoy writing them!
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