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4 Must-Have Nail Products to Make Your At-Home Manicures Look Like Salon Quality

I love getting my nails, but I do not always love the heavy price tag that comes along with getting your nails professionally done. So, when I am doing my own manicure at

home these are my top 4 must haves to have on hand:

1. Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Dissolver

This product is fast-acting and an easy to use product that will eliminate the hassle of trying to cut your cuticles. Apply the product for 15 seconds, gently push back the 

cuticle and wipe clean. In seconds you are one step closer to that perfect manicure.

2. NCLA Cuticle Oil

This cuticle oil is such a great product to have in your manicure bag because it is rich in Vitamin E, which helps hydrate your nail bed and bring nourishment to nails,

helping keep them strong and making that manicure long-lasting.

3. Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is great for smoothing out any ridges on the surface and ends of your nails,as well as giving your nails a sleek, clean shine.

4. Top and Base Coat

A base coat is great for providing a barrier between the polish and your actual nail. It will help prevent any discoloration, peeling, and help secure your manicure. A top

coat will finish off your manicure by adding a fresh, clean look and keep the polish from chipping.

Hello, my name is Anna Valenta I am a current Senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and minoring in English with emphasis on writing. I am from New Jersey and love traveling, beauty, and the beach. I like trying new things and have a very outgoing personality and I hope you enjoy reading my articles just as much as I enjoy writing them!
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