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3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Room (Stay-At-Home Edition)

During quarantine, I found myself spending a lot of time in my bedroom. Whether it was binge-watching shows on Netflix or finishing up my senior year of high school on my laptop, I spent the majority of my day surrounded by the same environment. I’ve always considered my room to be my retreat, but I realized that I wanted some change in my sanctuary. Although I’m staying at home for my first semester of college, I wanted to give my room a mini-makeover! Here are some of my tried and true ways to spruce up your bedroom.

1. Change your layout

Switching up the layout of your bedroom is super cost effective! Girl ... it’s literally free! Just changing the location of your furniture can give the space that you have a whole new feel. When you're moving your things around, try to get rid of any extraneous furniture to open up your space. Even if you just change the direction your desk is facing, it can make all the difference in creating a ‘new’ room.

2. Walls

Before quarantine, I didn’t have much hanging on my bedroom walls other than a few shelves and a cork board, and they didn’t reflect my personal interests and passions. As a fashion design student, I decided to put my creativity to the test in order to make an impact on the look and feel of my space. I decided to tape up fashion magazine cutouts, I hung up some of my artwork, and I even painted mini murals on one of my walls. There are limitless options to express myself using my wall space. This freedom allowed me to not only change up my bedroom, but I found that I could use redecorating as another creative outlet!!

3. Storage Space

To keep clutter in my room to a minimum, I decided to invest in some items to keep my space organized and clean! I added fabric storage bins, a utility cart, and closet organizers (just to name a few) when figuring out how to keep my items from piling up. I also found it super useful to organize my desk drawers so that I could efficiently use as much space as possible!

Hi everyone! My name is Maya Kristina Davila and I'm currently a freshman at FIT! I'm a fashion design major but I plan on becoming a stylist!! I love everything fashion and beauty related :) My Instagram is @maya.davila!!
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