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Tips For Living in Your First Apartment

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Ellexus Glockner

This past week, I moved into my first apartment ever in Los Angeles. I’ve only been here for about a month now, but I’ve already learned so much and come so far from where I started. There are tons of things that I wish I had known before I moved, so here are my tips which will hopefully help you navigate the streets of your new home, or college dorm, and stay grounded as you undergo many day-to-day changes.

1. Don’t rush big purchases. When you’re moving into your first apartment, you want everything to be finished as soon as possible so it can feel like home. With big purchases like a couch or a table, it’s okay to take a little time to find something you really like. It’s better to be without furniture for a little bit than to have furniture you don’t like. Settling quickly is never the answer, especially when it comes to those big furnishing decisions. 

2. Be patient with yourself. There are going to be a lot of challenges that you have never faced before. Maybe you’re living with a roommate and have to adjust to a new person. Maybe you’re in a brand-new city and you need time to get to know your environment. Or maybe you just miss your family. All these things are hurdles to overcome that take time to get used to or to learn to live with. I’m still struggling with these things just like many other college students, maybe even yourself. It’s important to allow yourself time to adjust to all the new experiences. 

3. Take time to explore the city you are in. If you are in a new city, it might be scary, but it’s also exciting! Amidst the chaos of moving and getting organized, make sure you take time to walk around and explore your city. You can’t overlook the amazing opportunities to find new places to hang out, shop, or meet up with friends. There may even be some hidden gems right nearby surrounding your new home that will be easily accessible and convenient. For me, living in LA, I have found so many exciting places and things to do. Exploring has been the best part of my new journey on the west coast!

 4. A new place is a great time to build better habits. I’ve noticed that being in a brand-new apartment with a new person has made it really easy for me to form new habits. While at home with my parents, it was easy to stay stuck in bad habits. There was nothing new in my environment, so there was nothing encouraging me to change my habits. After moving, it feels like you have a clean slate to form better habits like staying clean and waking up early. If there’s anything that you want to improve on or if you want to try something new, now is the time! You’re undergoing so many changes, this is the time to think deeply about what you want and become the best version of yourself that you can be. 

5. Not everything will be perfect. Possibly the most important thing I have learned so far is that not everything will go as you planned. You can’t beat yourself up if things don’t turn out exactly how you planned them. This is an important thing to remember and will be relevant for the rest of your life. Whether it’s furniture not fitting the way you thought it would, or meeting people that aren’t as friendly as you hoped they would be, things will not always be how you imagined them. Having a flexible attitude and being able to just go with the flow will make the process so much easier as you transition into your exciting new life!

Hi I’m Lexi and I’m a student at FIDM Los Angeles:) I’m so excited to be moving to downtown LA and meet all of the new people on campus who may want to get involved with the FIDM Her Campus Chapter!
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