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It’s Time For Women To Take A Stand Against Sexualization

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Lexi Ludovico

Let’s face it, ladies. Anywhere and everywhere that we go within our daily routines, it’s never uncommon to receive unwanted attention, looks or comments from others on the street. Women, and I know I can’t be the only one, are constantly thought of as this object of attraction that is meant to be admired and shown off. But enough is enough. 

It shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable when you walk to school in the morning wearing a cute outfit. We should be able to go about our daily lives without feeling like we’re constantly being judged and watched. If I want to walk to the grocery store or the coffee shop at any given point in my day, I shouldn’t have to think twice about it or cower in fear of the numerous men on the street that will look you up and down or comment on your appearance.

News flash, it’s not a compliment. I’m not out here walking on the street searching and begging for your unprovoked opinions. It leaves us with an uneasy feeling, knowing that we weren’t trying to flirt or be provocative. Females of all ages have to deal with these types of issues every day and we can’t even feel safe to walk to school without some form of personal protection. 

It is honestly disgusting that in this day and age, women still have to live in fear and wonder about what might happen to them if they go somewhere alone or want to go out at night. When is it finally going to come to a time where we can leave our apartments to walk around in city or downtown environments without feeling on edge? I can’t even imagine what it might be like to be able to walk around at my free will without constantly having my head on a swivel, always looking out for someone that might be trying to take advantage of or harm me. 

This is nothing new. Women have been dealing with this since the beginning of time because we have constantly been looked down upon or considered the inferior gender due to our smaller size and we seem vulnerable to men who are much bigger and stronger. 

However, I have hope. I do continue to have faith that one day the world will be a safer, kinder and less hateful place where all people can coexist and trust that they won’t be in danger. People are capable of evolving, and it is my hope to create a safer future for other young women. 

Growing up as a female, you must learn to have a certain type of behavior, almost like that of an animal being preyed upon, where you are constantly on guard and ready to run away in fear. Why is this considered a normalcy? Why do we accept this type of mistreatment within our society? 

It will always be a wonder how our society has become so advanced in so many different aspects, yet people still can’t seem to treat others with respect or see each other as equals. When did we become so complacent and simply allow this type of treatment to go unnoticed? 

I know that, personally, I don’t even feel safe leaving my apartment without a group of people with me. This shouldn’t have to be a constant worry. All females, and all people in general, should be free to go about their business unbothered and unharmed.

It is something that will take a lot of work and may never be fully achieved, but it’s important to spread the word and awareness of how truly unsafe it can be to be a woman living in certain environments. It isn’t my intention to solve this issue, but to stand together as women and share how we feel with the world. 

Hi I’m Lexi and I’m a student at FIDM Los Angeles:) I’m so excited to be moving to downtown LA and meet all of the new people on campus who may want to get involved with the FIDM Her Campus Chapter!
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