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Vallery Agenor, ’12

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FAMU chapter.

Vallery Agenor is a senior Computer Information Systems student, from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. You might have seen Agenor anywhere from Set Friday, to on the field at a football game. The “hipster camera girl,” as I like to call her, can be found on campus in one of her trademark beanies or navy blue Keds. When asked by HC what is her role her on campus, Agenor responded that she is, “the crutch of our society, and it is her duty to capture memories and make people smile.” If you were to spend a day with Agenor, you would realize this. Vallery is constantly on call for any, and every event that FAMU has, both on and off campus. She is everywhere. Homecoming, the Classics, banquets, and even Christmas for Katrina. Agenor is always on the scene making it her duty for all Rattlers to be able to experience any event through photographs. A true humanitarian at heart, it brings her joy knowing that her work is responsible for bringing smiles to the faces of millions of Rattlers.

HC FAMU: What is your position on campus?
VA: I am the Historian and Photographer for SGA.

HC FAMU: What is your favorite part about being a photographer on FAMU’s campus?
VA: I have the BEST seat in the house- behind the lens!

HC FAMU: What is one thing you would say to the freshman year Vallery?
VA: Don’t be afraid to live!

HC FAMU: What is one of the best memories you’ve had during your time at FAMU?
VA: The day Ciera Hall gave me a camera to take pictures (for A FAMUly Affair).

HC FAMU: What do you actually like to do when you find some spare time?
VA: I don’t know specifically, some of any and everything. I love to explore the right side of my brain. That’s the creative side! :)

HC FAMU: What is one of your favorite quotes to live by?
VA: “The show doesn’t stop for one monkey, BAOW!”

HC FAMU: What inspires you?
VA: Low-key, I find inspiration in every one I interact with, and every situation. I guess life inspires me.

HC FAMU: What is one personal goal you would like to have accomplished in the next 5 years?
VA: Being independent, doing what I love with someone I love.

Itopia is a senior from New Rochelle, New York studying Magazine Production. She is the founder of Florida A&M's campus branch. After graduation, Itopia plans to move back to NY and go to fashion school! In her spare time Itopia enjoys tweeting, browing on Tumblr, eating and listening to music.