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Tianah Allen, ’18

HC FAMU: What is something you love to do?TA: I love to learn about different natural hair care  techniques and products.HC FAMU: Why did you choose pharmacy?TA: I chose pharmacy because I realized the different outlets a Pharmacy degree can take you, as well as the impact a pharmacist can make in the community.HC FAMU: What’s the perfect date?TA: The perfect date would be spending quality time with him, like at a salsa class or something like a cooking class.  So we can getbclose and personal.

HC FAMU: What’s a show on Netflix you must watch?TA: My fave show on Netflix is “A Different World”! I thought that’s how college would be, and now I can finally watch all the episodes instead of just the ones  TV ONE.HC FAMU: What is something you look for in a guy?TA:  I look for a smile, then teeth (gotta look right), someone who is tall dark and handsome! Also, someone who is smart and I can talk to about anything.HC FAMU: Give us a classic song that you have to listen to?TA: A classic song I just love is “Who Can I Run To”  by Xscape.HC FAMU: A current song you love?TA: I love “The Matrimony” by Wale ft. Usher.HC FAMU: What’s your biggest fear?TA: I hate spiders.HC FAMU: Tell us your definition of love?TA: Love is when you are worried about someone else’s well being before your own and the feeling is mutual.HC FAMU: Define yourself in 3 words.TA: Quirky.Educated. Naturalista.

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