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Orton Coleman, ’15

This week, we bring to you Mr. Orton Coleman. A sophomore from Fort Myers, Fla., who truly is leaving his mark on FAMU’s campus. Coleman has the looks, style and heart. Take a quick glance into what makes this Campus Cutie smile.

Name: Orton Coleman
Major: Political Science/Pre-Law
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Ft. Myers, Florida
Nickname: O.C.
Twitter Username: OCtheGent
Hobbies: I like to write lyrics, Google random things, hang-out, and play pick-up basketball.
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Lakers


Favorite Color: Red
Relationship Status: Single
Describe briefly your perfect date.: We’d start off with a candle light dinner, walk across the beach, lay in the sand and gazing at the stars, and listen to the ocean.
Celebrity Cutie: Jennifer Lopez
Name four adjectives to describe Florida A&M.: Love, charity, historical, and educational.
Favorite Quote: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

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