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Morality and Ethos for Florida A&M

My opinion on the culture of hazing at our university is one of total consistency. Hazing is wrong. In my eyes I believe hazing should not be accepted as a ritual or rites of passage into organizations on campus. There are many arguments as to why hazing is accepted at historically black colleges and universities and on other college campuses across the nation. Personally I believe hazing is prominent on campuses because it is embedded within a university’s social culture. The hazing culture is a poison which infiltrates a respectable university such as Florida A&M and leads to unsatisfactory results.

There is no reason students should be put through physical or mental harm to join any organization. I strongly believe Robert Champion’s death could have been prevented. Since hazing is a present culture at our university it is difficult to see it being alleviated in years to come but I don’t believe that is isn’t possible. If students make a collective and conscious decision to respect their peers, there could be a change. It is no secret that select organizations on campus haze prospective members.

Sadly, some students do not speak out about certain incidents which make it easier for hazers to continue targeting specific individuals or all individuals seeking membership or intake within an organization. I believe because students do not speak out against hazing, this has become a tradition that many are simply accustomed to.

There is truly strength in numbers and I believe that despite the university making attempts to change the culture of hazing (by hosting mandatory anti-hazing meetings) it means nothing if the students are not doing the same. It is ideal that the student leaders within prominent organizations would decide to make sure hazing is not taking place in their respectable organizations. It is easier said than done. The actions of leaders on campus and their peers may put an end to physical and verbal mistreatment which are forms of hazing. The students need to come together as one and agree to end hazing so that no more lives are lost and our university’s name is not continuously thrown into the press in a negative light. Each student must play an active role in ending hazing at our university.


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