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Michelle Obama Visits Tallahassee

When people think of Michelle Obama, they recognize her as America’s most fashionable first lady. But, her title and responsibilities go deeper than her image. Not only is she our president’s wife but she is an American citizen.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to students, families, and locals at the Leon County Civic Center on Monday, September 17, 2012. As the facility became over capacity, the crowd was filled with news media, cell phones snapping shots in the air, and shouts of praise to the First Lady and her husband, the President of the United States.

At the beginning of the night, Michelle Obama first spoke on the character of her husband. Telling the arena about his perseverance, and how President Obama has strived to accomplish every platform he presented since 2008. Providing us with the fact that President Obama stepped in office with issues that could not be solved without the help of the nation but, he was still able to accomplish what he could in four years. She went a step forward and discussed voting. Florida, known for being a swing state, is a vital part to this year’s election. “It all comes down to a few key battle ground states like Florida, Obama confirmed that every vote would count,” Mrs. Obama stated.

Her personable stories helped her connect with the every demographic present in the arena. She spoke about her father that worked so hard every day just to provide and lay the foundation for his family’s future. Also about her Barack’s grandmother whose job position laid dormant because of her gender. That very factor was the basis for President Obama’s re-election campaign. “He wants to make sure everyone has a chance,” said Michelle, “A chance at the American dream, to succeed without limits.”

“Four more years!” was shouted frequently through the arena. Those very words confirmed that the American people; students, veterans, seniors, and from all ethnicities wanted to move forward! 

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