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#HCFAMUFAVS: Alisha Tucker, ’17

Name: Alisha Tucker
Nickname: WhoseAlishaMajor: PsychologyClassification: SophomoreHometown: Lake Wales, Florida (Polk County)
HC FAMU: You have over 22,000 followers on Instagram. How’d you gain so many followers? 
AT: I get this question a lot, and it’s always the same answer: I don’t know. I use to post YouTube videos telling my life story and to give advice. Apparently it inspired others so people started to follow me. 
HC FAMU: You’re always answering questions from your followers. How does it feel to know people really look to you for advice on love, life and more?
AT: It feels amazing yet still shocking. Because sometimes I forgot that I’m not the only person going through things and other people also need someone to talk to. It’s a blessing to know that people come to me for advice and/or tips. I am truly humbled by it and appreciative to help others. I’m glad to know that I can. 
HC FAMU: What inspired you to start working out?
AT: Well I have been working out for a while now; I’ve been an athlete my whole life. What initially inspired me to work out was trying to impress my dad, and after growing to love Track, Volleyball, etc. The feeling I get when I do workout became addicting. Now what keeps me inspired and motivated is just my personal health, challenging myself and knowing that I have others looking to me for inspiration. 
HC FAMU: Do you have a favorite workout brand?
AT: YES! Nike, I am a Nike girl. I love that check mark. 
HC FAMU: You inspire people to work out through your following. Are you planning on using your platform for other things? If so, what?
AT: Yes I sure am. I’m looking to become a trainer (get my license/certificate). And I also want to teach my own workout classes in the future. I’m currently in the Marines (Marine Officer program) so I want to take what I learn from that and incorporate it into this workout class boot camp style. 
HC FAMU: Do you have a food guilty pleasure?
AT: YES! Of course, I am human. It would be McDonalds, I am in love with their fries. 
HC FAMU: What’s your favorite workout?
AT: Leg workouts. I love leg day! My legs are long, so I love to show them off. That means I have to keep them looking their best. A leg day usually consists of: squats, power clean, leg extensions, lunges, calf-raises, leg curls, dead lift, leg press, and so on…
HC FAMU: What’s your favorite workout song?
AT: Any song by PartyNextDoor, I can’t choose just one. 
HC FAMU: Do you have any advice for people looking to start eating healthy and working out?
AT: This road isn’t going to be easy. Don’t aim to look like anyone else just aim to be a better YOU! I tell people all the time, do not aim to look like me. Use me or anyone else as inspiration and a way to help motivate you to your goal. It gets tough, you hurt, your body shuts down, your muscles get tight, but DON’T quit. Fitness is more than just lifting weights, it is a lifestyle. Being fit and healthy shows a lot about a person. Dedication, self-discipline, resilience, it shows so much about a man or a woman, because you are working towards a goal. So don’t give up. Keep trying and set goals and reach them. Set major goals, and even if you fall short, KEEP GOING. You are your worst enemy. Eat healthy, drink water, get some sleep, wake up and make a change in your life. You can do it!
HC FAMU: What are your hobbies?
AT: I enjoy writing poetry, taking selfies, reading, giving advice, listening to music, shopping and reading the bible.
HC FAMU: What’s your go-to healthy snack or meal?
AT: My go-to meal would be Tilapia, rice, and broccoli or green beans. My go-to snack is trail mix! :)

Be sure to follow Alish on Instagram: @WhoseAlisha

Itopia is a senior from New Rochelle, New York studying Magazine Production. She is the founder of Florida A&M's campus branch. After graduation, Itopia plans to move back to NY and go to fashion school! In her spare time Itopia enjoys tweeting, browing on Tumblr, eating and listening to music.
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