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Couple Edition: Derrick & Jasmine

Name: Derrick Standifer and Jasmine Johnson
Age: 24 and 24
Major: History and English
Hometown:Atlanta, West Palm Beach
D: Poetry, Chess, Activism
J: Shopping and Reading Books
HC: How did you two meet? :
D & J: We met in Dr. Brown’s history class, Spring 2010.
HC: What do you like most about your significant other? :
D: Her intelligence. J: His intelligence
HC: What is your favorite thing to do together?:  
D & J:  Cuddle and watch a movie at home.
HC: Describe your significant other in one word:
D: Beautiful. J: Ambitious.
HC: What is one song that you two absolutely love?:  
D & J: We don’t have a song, but we both love Drake.
HC: Describe your love?:  
D & J: We are like Yin and Yang. We’re two opposites that fit perfectly together. 
HC: What is the wildest thing you two have done together? :
D & J:   We’re boring.
HC: What’s a show that you two have to watch together?:
D & J:  Scandal, HTGAWM, and Walking Dead.
HC:  Give our readers some advice on how to push through the hard times:
D & J:  If you want it bad enough, don’t give up. 
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