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Alumni in the Spotlight: WIlliam Packer, ’96

Name: William Packer
Major: Electrical Engineering (B.A.)
Classification: Alumni, ’96
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Fl.
Current Town: Atlanta, Ga.

*(Packer is on left)*

Occupation: Film Producer
How long have you been in this occupation?: 17 (approx.)
How did you start?: Packer started his own film production and and distribution company based in Atlanta, Ga. in ’94 called Rainforest Films. 
What are some milestones in your career?: Some notable films that Packer has produced include: “This Christmas,” “Stomp the Yard,” “Obsessed,” and “Takers.”

*Please note that this article does not represent Mr. William Packer. HC FAMU is just recognizing him as a notable alumni.*

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